This is the peak season here at myhomeschoolprintables. Many moms have commented that as they get into their school year they begin to look for something to go along with their history studies…some timeline help, perhaps, or some coloring pages for their smaller children. I love hearing that what they found here will help them in their studies.

Page 3

Like most of you, I’m ‘just’ a homeschool mom…not a writer, not a publisher, not an artist for hire. I began this website because I had already made hundreds of my own timeline figures and wanted to share them. Four years and two babies later, my kids are I are still plugging along with our studies, slowly adding to the collection that no longer fits on our wall.

I’ve been playing with resourcing my kids’ great creative talents. One of my sons occasionally draws a figure for me. There are already several of his drawings in the collection, and there are several more sitting patiently on my desk, waiting to be shared. This last week, I utilized two more sons to help me with the hardest part: deciding what to draw! I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before! Making timeline figures just became a lot less taxing. 🙂 They review the lesson and tell me what to draw, and I do the rest.

Have you benefitted from he resources here? Then please pass them on. I don’t advertise, but rather rely on ‘word of mouth’ referrals and pins and shares.

The kids and I wrapped up one more page of timeline figures for Vol 4. Coloring pages will be soon to follow!

Happy Coloring!