Hooray! I have revised many of the Vol 1 Timeline figures. I’m pleased with how the new characters turned out. The goal was to have more continuity and color-ability, as well as completing several of the characters who looked a bit unfinished. The new version will be available immediately, as well as the matching coloring book and matching stickers. If you have downloaded the old version and want the new version, just follow your download link and re-download the file. Shop Vol 1 now!

Here’s a coupon code to celebrate both the revised version of Vol 1 and the beginning of school.


The code is good for 25% off any purchase of $10 or more…so stock up on multiple volumes, or grab a coloring book and stickers. The code will be good until August 31.

**Please continue to have patience with me, as one Homeschool Mama to another. I’m working to get things updated, but never as quickly as I’d like!

Have you noticed that we plan our steps, but the Lord determines our path? I determined that this website would be updated by June 1, but God, in his wisdom, determined otherwise. It’s still in the works and I am so excited to switch to the updated myhomeschoolprintables site.