It’s Spring Break! I always get so excited about breaks from school. I make lists of all the things I want to get done–outgrown clothes to sort, and rooms to deep clean. Pshaw. I always wind so busy with the kids that I don’t get anything on my list done.

But today, I got that sweet work-time I’ve been hunting for. I spent my 3 hours of free time making an alphabetical listing of the the coloring pages in Volume 1. Sounds way less exciting than it was. 🙂 I have so many ideas for the website–how to make it more user-friendly, things I want to add, and how to make it grow. Each little step is so exciting to me.

One big plan I have is getting some coloring books from Volume 1 and Volume 2 printed to sell. I would love to hear your feedback. What would you do with a pre-printed history coloring book? What materials do you find yourself wishing you had as you go through your school day?

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 4.27.16 PM