These timeline sheets are great to put in a notebook or on the wall as a visual aid in history lessons. The pdf download comes with instructions, year labels, Ice Age overlay, and all 3 varieties:

Wall-size: 12 pages; 30 ft long

Notebook – 10 year: 61 pages; 43 ft long

Notebook – 5 year: 121 pages; 86 ft long


The wall-sized timeline needs to be cut and taped together. It will make a long, skinny timeline. I have laid the timeline out in an even measurement format– that is, I kept the proportion of the years even all the way through rather than making the empty ancient years small and the more current time period bigger. 50 years at 3500 B.C. is the same length as 50 years at 1950. Even though the timeline figures would fit more nicely if I had used a variable scaling, I think that seeing the whole scope of time laid out is extremely beneficial.  Seeing the whole timeline on the wall is the goal and reward of this whole process.

The notebook-sized timelines are made to be put in a 3-ring binder. There’s a smaller set with 10-year increments and an expanded version with 5-year increments. The 10-year set is a similar size as the wall-sized version and will fit Volumes 1 and 2 figures pretty well. The 5-year set is pretty massive (121 pages).

I recommend printing the pages on card stock. You could print them front and back, or you could do accordion-style, printing them one-sided and taping them together.


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