Copyright Permissions


This is a Permission Slip to copy pages for a classroom setting. This is appropriate for co-ops, private schools, public schools, workshops, and the like. You do NOT need this to make copies at home for homeschool use within a single family.



-Please purchase a number equal to the number of students you are needing to make copies for.

-This permission slip will only download ONE time. Download the permission slip by clicking on the link in your invoice. When the file opens, SAVE or PRINT the file.

-You must download your slip within SEVEN days. After this the link will no longer be available.

-The permission will be in effect for ONE year, as noted in the printed slip.

-If you are taking your product to a copy center: bring both the printed permission slip AND your invoice. The permission slip requires the invoice to be valid.

-For further questions, please use the Feedback option to submit a phone number you can be reached at and a call will be placed to get in touch with you.


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