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Somewhere along the homeschool path, we embarked on the Mystery of History journey.  It has been such a blessing. We all agree that it’s one of the highlights of our school day.  If you are looking for a history curriculum we recommend taking a look at The Mystery of History.

The timeline is such a great part of this history curriculum.  Our timeline goes around three sides of our school room.
It is about 6 inches tall and about 35 feet long.  If you don’t have that much space don’t worry, you can scale the timeline down or makes rows.

We used a strip of craft paper and taped it up next to the ceiling.  The years are marked evenly in 50 year increments, and the figures get taped to the strip according to their time in history.  I love the perspective we get from looking at the timeline.  We can see how very far it is from Creation to the Flood, or from Abraham to Jesus, and how very short the rest of history is.


I print our timeline figures on card stock to give them a sturdy feel.  Each review day I give the kids a figure to color.  Then we date the figures and put them on the time line (I like to use blue painter’s tape so I don’t damage the paint, and also so I can reposition them).  They love having a part in making the timeline, and I’m convinced they remember more about the events and people that they take the time to color. It sort of makes me wish they each had their own timeline!

printable timeline figures


  1. susanna

    Thank you for doing this. We are enjoying MOH.

  2. Heather

    THANK YOU! You’re awesome!

  3. Heather

    Would you mind sharing how much distance you allow for each 50 year increment?

    • Jill Tolleson

      My wall timeline uses 4 inches per 50 years. I’ll be uploading new notebook pages in about a week using 8 inches per 50 years.

  4. Mary

    Are you by chance doing timeline printables for Vol. 3? We have so enjoyed the Vol. 2 printables we got from you!

    • Jill Tolleson

      Here’s the link for the Timeline Figures. You can find the coloring pages under the History Printables tab, and find stickers in the SHOP.

  5. Pati

    Thank you!! These are GREAT!!

  6. Angela

    Are there any of these for volume 3? Thank you so much for sharing

    • Jill Tolleson

      Looks like I have a little glitch there! Here’s a link to Vol 3 or you can go hover over the History Printables tab to find more pages. 🙂

  7. Txnmama

    These printables are terrific. I appreciate that they are designed for children to color as they wish. I have been searching for something like this. The figures look much more friendly and approachable too! Others are so stoic and cold. I I know my older children will appreciate the ability to customize the look of their own timelines. These are perfect for family style learning! Thank you!

  8. Txnmama

    Other than MoH and your printables, are you using any other resources to facilitate your history lessons ?

  9. Pati

    I reduced these to 50% when printing and will use on my notebook timeline. Thank you so much!

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