Is anyone else’s head spinning from how fast the school year is going? I can’t believe it’s already October! I’m so thankful for God’s plan to change the seasons–we are ready for a change around here!

I’ve added some new Vol 3 coloring pages from a pretty rough era of history. However, it’s coming to my attention more and more that this day and age is far from free of persecution! About 2 years ago I signed up to receive “the Voices of the Martyrs” monthly publication. I’m so glad I did! My kids and I look forward to reading it as part of our school day. Each day before we do history I read one article from the newsletter. My boys and I have some of the best conversations when discussing these events (but I have to admit, many of the stories these days are pretty rough, and may not be suitable for younger kids). I highly recommend signing up to get the VOM newsletter. It’s free, and yet rich at the same time.

Ok. I’m done with my media plug 😉

I hope your history program is well under way for the year and that these coloring pages and timeline figures help make it more fun! Please spread the word in your homeschool group, social media outlet or blog. I LOVE getting all of the great comments on the website saying “Thanks!” and it spurs me on to share the coloring fun with as many as we can!