Simple, Hand-drawn, and Fun. That’s what I want the content on MyHomeschoolPrintables to be! Lately the fun thing at our house has been Melty Beads. I’ve also been enjoying making birthday cards. I’m amazed how melty beads can keep them busy while I’m drawing–it’s the perfect combination! Sometimes I tell myself I don’t have time to make a card and that life will be better if I just go buy one “real quick” at the store. Haha! If you see the humor in that, then you may appreciate the printable cards here. I have added 4 new cards to the Printable Card page. They work great printed on cardstock and customized with watercolors or colored pencils. Here’s a funny one to use while celebrating the cold weather:


I made this garden theme one to hold a Lowe’s gift card:


And here’s one that’s great for little boys. I gave this along with this Bulldozer Shirt from Honey Bee Tees. It was a big hit! (BTW, have you checked out their site? It’s chock full of adorable hand-drawn artwork on fabulous clothes and accessories. They make great birthday gifts!)


Lastly, I made this one to hold a Mexican restaurant gift certificate. Go crazy with color!


Do you have suggestions for cards? Let me know in the comments below!