History – Volume 1

Creation through the Death of Christ

Looking for tools to make a timeline? Tired of scouring the internet for images that will look nice together in your notebook? We have what you need! This is our collection of ancient history images, in a variety of formats to fit any age. Our timeline figures are our most popular product because they are so versatile. We also have coloring pages for smaller children, stickers for older children, and a memory game to help it all stick! Click the images below to go to the shop where you can find all the tools you need to make your history journey a success.

Timeline Figures

Coloring Book


Memory Game

Browse a selection of our Volume 1 images. The full set includes 130 images!

You want to make history fun, right? We know how that feels! We made our own timeline figures and taped them up on our wall. They’re still there, years later. And we still remember a ton of what we learned!

Here’s what we created, from our home to yours. We hope you enjoy it!

Our Volume 1 set will work with any curriculum. Please take a look at our table of contents to see if this is the right volume for you.


  1. Anna Johnson

    Jill, these pages are awesome!! All three of my children love them. They color your pages while listening to the audio lesson which really aids in making a connection and in keeping their attention. I have my oldest penciling the smaller timeline figures which I will later laminate and put up. The younger two color the full sheets. I know you’re continually adding pages and hope to see full size sheets of all the timeline figures. They were a little bummed when they didn’t have an Ice Age or Tower of Babel to color. Again, thank you so, so much for this resource and for sharing your talent.

  2. NE momma

    Absolutely LOVE these for our history notebooks. Goes really well with The Mystery of History curriculum we’re using this week. Keep them coming! Thanks.

  3. Ashlee

    Cant wait to see more of these! We’re just starting MoH and love the coloring pages!

  4. Erin

    I love these so much!! I’m a first year homeschooling Mama and I was a little worried about the how I was going to work out the whole timeline thing with the Mystery of History we just started. These color pages, along with your mini figures are going to be perfect! Thank you for your effort and generosity…such a tremendous blessing!!

  5. Ashlee

    These are awesome! We are starting MOH next week (hopefully). Is there a trick to downloading these all into one PDF? I was hoping to print out a coloring book for the kids to color while I read to them!

    • Jill Tolleson

      I love the coloring book idea! Unfortunately I don’t have it set up to print all at once yet. I hope to have that ready by this fall. Sorry! ~Jill

  6. Megan

    We have just discovered this wonderful website after buying The Mystery of History books for our children recently. The simple but precise printables available here are spot on, now I don’t have to search 101 websites for suitable pictures to help my boys remember their timeline. Thank you! Will you be producing printables in the future for books 2 and so on?

    • Jill Tolleson

      So glad you can put these to use! Yes, Vol 2 is done and I’m just wrapping up all the last details of Vol 3 before I plunge into Vol 4! You can find the other volumes, plus a printable timeline, under the “History Printables” tab. Also, there’s some history memory games under the “Other Printables” tab. 🙂

  7. Karina

    Wow! I love these coloring pages and your timeline figures. As much as I love the History through the Ages figures, yours are simpler and easier for coloring, especially for younger elementary grades. And thank you for making a wonderful FREE resources. Yay 🙂 We will definitely use this resource with our Sonlight and MOH studies.

  8. Holly

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful coloring pages! You have some of the “obscure” Bible stories that are difficult to find coloring pages for. I am using them for homeschooling my two children.

  9. Marjorie Neddermeyer

    Hi Jill: We are doing a Reformation Walk at our church in Charter Oak IA. I was looking for the Martin Luther coloring pages but couldn’t locate them. Help?


    Olá! Amo seus imprimíveis, preparei cartões de memória para meu filho. Não achei os desenhos de 2 lições 106 e 108. Claro que posso pedir pra ele desenhar mas gostaria de algo padronizado. Não sei se eu não estou achando ou você realmente não fez. Obrigada

    • Jill Tolleson

      Hello! I’m glad you are able to use the timeline figures for making memory cards. Hopefully you can find some that fit your needs. Sometimes they are just out of order with the curriculum you might be using. Best wishes! ~Jill

  11. Stephanie Asleson

    Hello, I was interested in buying the vol1 printables but every time I click buy now it doesn’t do anything and nothing will add to the cart.

    • Jill Tolleson

      Hi Stephanie! Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I fixed the link and sent you an email with more details 🙂

  12. Elizabeth Creekmore

    The timeline stickers are so fun! I found out about them from our homeschool co-op, and I’m very pleased. They shipped nicely packaged and in a timely manner. I look forward to seeing my children decorate them as we create our timelines. Thank you for designing them & making it so easy to order!

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