Q: Are these products compatible with Mystery of History?

A: Yes, they are. In order to honor Mystery of History’s copyright, the titles and contents are not the same. However, all the events and characters you need are here.

Q: I bought a download. Where is it?

A:  There are several possible answers.  If, after checking this list you still cannot find your download, please use the Contact form to get ahold of me.  I can always send you a file directly.

  • Answer 1:  After your PayPal transaction you should click to return to the Merchant’s site, where you will find a notice like this. Just click the download button. (See image below.)
  • Answer 2:  If you registered an account when you ordered, you can log into your account and find your downloads there.
  • Answer 3:  You can find the link for your download on your emailed invoice. Click the link and then save the file onto your computer. (See image below.)
  • Answer 4:  Sometimes when you click the Download link, it will move the pdf to your Downloads folder on your computer.  Check there.



Q: I have a question and I emailed you, but you never responded. What’s up?

A: The best way to get ahold of me is the Contact page. These messages come straight to my inbox.  Responding to questions is top-priority for me.  Even so, I am juggling 5 kids + dinner.  That being said, I do always respond to questions, usually the same day.

So, if you did send me feedback and a day or two has passed without a reply, try checking your junk or spam folder. My response is probably there. 🙂

Q: Am I allowed to copy these for my family to use at home?

A: Yes! Please make copies to use at home.

Q: I am part of a co-op. Can I use your products with my class?

A: Yes! Please go to the SHOP and purchase copyright permissions for your class. We charge two dollars per student for copies. This is a huge savings. If you have a special situation, please use the Contact form to get in touch with me about it.

Q: I’d like to make my own titles for your figures. What font do you use?

A: The fat outline font on the timeline figures and coloring pages is Big Bottom Cartoon. You can download it for free at www.dafont.com