Learning history should be exciting!

With interactive coloring pages your kids will
• be more attentive,
• retain more information, and
• look forward to learning.

Visuals are fundamental for your child’s learning.

Teaching history to kids has many important benefits. Learning history improves decision making and judgment, helps form a healthy identity, and shows models of good and responsible citizenship. Visuals and interactive resources significantly improve learning compared to plain text.


  • Visuals hold more appeal than plain text to curious and intuitive young minds.
  • Images are the simplest and most effective way to make sure that information gets stored as a long-term memory.
  • Visuals help learners grasp concepts easily by stimulating imagination and affecting cognitive capabilities.

Enhance world history

These creative hand-drawn images will enhance your educational journey through world history.

Your students will love adding their own creative touch as they color the figures. They will also learn more as they connect the visual icon to each historical event. These figures work great with any world history curriculum including Mystery of History. The visuals are available as timeline figures, coloring pages, and stickers.


Simple designs are easy to color for all ages.


Works great with any history curriculum


Stimulates discussion and enhances memory.

Developed through real life experience.

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Our Products

Timeline Figures

Original and simple historical icons that are fun to color, cut out, and add to your history timeline.

Coloring Pages

The same timeline figures in a     full-page format that is perfect for younger students.


1-1/2″ round stickers are smaller than the full-size timeline figures so they can easily be added to your history index cards or notebook.

How to order:


Choose A Product

Choose from timeline figures, coloring pages, or stickers.


Choose A Format

Choose from pre-printed products or      hi-res printable downloads.


Choose A Volume

Choose the volume that fits your curriculum or project.


What Other Families are Saying

Thank you for sharing these wonderful timeline figures! They are perfect! My kids really like them as well and enjoyed coloring them before placing them on their individual timelines. – Shannon

Our timeline review days are easily my daughters’ favorite-and it is because of these beautiful illustrations. Thank you for sharing! – Diana
Thank you so much for these. My kids love them! – Heather
Thank you so much for these wonderful pictures!! My son is a visual learner so you can imagine my excitement seeing this!! – Claudine

These pages are awesome!! All three of my children love them. They color your pages while listening to the audio lesson which really aids in making a connection and in keeping their attention. … Thank you so, so much for this resource and for sharing your talent. – Anna

These printables are terrific. I appreciate that they are designed for children to color as they wish. I have been searching for something like this. The figures look friendly and approachable too! I I know my older children will appreciate the ability to customize the look of their own timelines. These are perfect for family style learning! Thank you!