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These timeline sheets come in 3 varieties. See below for more information and to choose the format that works best for your project.

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Wall-size: 12 pages; 30 ft long

Notebook – 10 year: 61 pages; 43 ft long


Notebook – 5 year: 121 pages; 86 ft long


The wall-sized timeline needs to be cut and taped together. It will make a long, skinny timeline. We ran ours around the ceiling of our school room. We taped our timeline figures on, above, and below the timeline. It works well for Volumes 1 and 2, but when we got to Volume 3 we had to start choosing which figures we wanted to put up because there was not room for all of them on the wall. Alternately, if the Timeline Figures were reduced by 60% or so, then they would fit much better.

The notebook-sized timelines are oriented to be put in a 3-ring binder. There is a smaller set that uses the more common 10 year increments, and an expanded version using 5 year increments. The 10 year set is a similar size as the wall-sized version. It will fit the figures pretty well in the first 2 volumes. The 5 year set is pretty massive (121 pages of card stock is fat). We printed these pages starting in the 1400s and used the Timeline Stickers for our last 2 volumes.

I recommend printing the timeline pages on card stock. You could print them front and back. An easy way to do that is to print the odd pages first, then flip them and print the even pages. You might find a setting for that under “paper handling” in your Print window.

OR, you could do them accordion-style (my favorite, but takes up twice as much room). Just print them all one-sided and tape the pages together. I actually hole-punched my first page, and then trimmed all the rest of the pages before I taped them together. That way, when I put them in the notebook, we could still open up the accordion and see all the dates at once. Time consuming? Yes. But, I like it. ?

Let me know if they work!

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Wall-Sized – 50 year increments, Notebook – 10 year increments, Notebook – 5 year increments


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